Bring your vision to life.

I am a composer and sound designer. I create music and sounds for film.

original music

I'll work closely with you to create original music that matches your vision.

music licensing

Choose from my library of pre-composed tracks for use in your project.

sound design

I'll design sound effects, record foley, and create atmospheres to bring depth to your film or animation.

composition + sound design reel


All tracks to the right are available to be licensed for commercial use. If you'd like to use a track in your project, contact me.

Pricing will be negotiated on an individual, per-client basis.

All licensing agreements will be governed by a legal contract between the licensee and myself.


Brendan Rincon is a composer and sound designer based in Phoenix, Arizona.

He began his musical journey at a young age, initially in classical piano. In his early teen years he began experimenting with his own electronic compositions.

Now, his experience in music and audio production spans a wide range of digital, analog, and modular synthesis techniques, Max/MSP, Pure Data, field recording, DIY electronics, and self-constructed instruments.